Best Diploma Fonts To Use In Certificates!

The diploma is one beautiful phase of life that is filled with memories and a lot of takeaways. At the end of the learning process, every student is awarded the diploma certificate that travels with the person forever. It talks about the credibility, efficiency, and knowledge of the student. Hence, the font face used in these diploma certificates is of utmost importance.

If you are responsible to create such certificates, we have a list of font styles that work really well and will never lose their shine in the education sector.

Diploma fonts for certificates

The first in the list is Adine Kirnburg font that is cursive and works like a magic for the school certificates and events. You can easily download the font style and install it in your system.

The second font for diploma certificates is the most famous and a slightly old-fashioned appearance and it is called Old English regular font. Perhaps, every certificate includes headers and placeholders for name and other information. You can blindly use this font if you are running out of time.

The third font is Chocolate Box. There are two variants in this font type and they differ in terms of boldness. This works really well in the print style as the capital letters include curly variation. If you are bored of the regular fonts, you can give this a try.


Remember to try the bolder version first as it gives a majestic appearance and can certainly be used for headers.

The next in the list is Argor Got Scaqh. If you take the certificates of your parents, you can certainly spot this font style. This is way too popular in the educational institutions and used for all the award certificates and high school diploma certificates. While it does look similar to the old English font, it gives that professional look that can make the title or headline look brighter.

Perhaps, certificates need to communicate boldness and integrity and these are evident with the font style applied.

The last in the list of fonts is Cygnet. This has recently joined the list of amazing fonts due to the majestic look that it provides. It gives a unique appearance and is less spotted on the certificates. However, you can blindly use this font to include descriptions or names of the students.

Modern or traditional, your font speaks a lot about your values and the student’s capacity. As this is the certificate that students carry to obtain their first job in life, it holds a deep association with the students and should be handled with extreme care. A slight miss in the font style can ruin the reputation of the university on the whole.

Do you wish to experiment with a new font? Here are the steps to follow.

  • Write the text with the new font and then take a print.
  • Compare the newly printed document with the already used font for certificates.
  • If you feel that the newly printed document is attractive as well as professional, you can simply adjust the printability and begin using it.

Remember not to take any trials with the font type. Alternatively, you can also take a quick look at the fonts used by your competitors to finalize in the best font style that works and can improve your brand value.


Most of these fonts have already been experimented with by educational institutions. This implies that they can be directly used to your certificates. If you are looking for credible fonts, you are already one step ahead. Stop wasting time and start printing certificates with these fonts!